Handmade Stoneware Basins

Our handmade basins are wheelthrown using stoneware clay, and glaze-fired at approximately 2300 degrees F., making an extremely strong ceramic fixture that is scratch-resistant and lead-free. The sinks are as strong or stronger than the 'porcelain' sinks that are widely available.

The circular shape is easy to clean and rinse. Due to the hardness of our glazes you don't need to use any special cleaners. We have a variety of glazes, some of which we can use in gradually overlapping layers to achieve unique glaze effects. We have so many combinations we just maintain a stock of sink forms so that we can tailor the glazing and firing to your request.

There are 3 forms to choose from: Standard Self-Rimming Basin, Small Self-Rimming Basin, and Vessel Above-Counter. The Standard basin is approximately 15.5" in diameter, suitable for standard countertops. The Small basin is 13" diameter, suitable for fitting in small spaces, powder rooms, antique washstands or for use as a bar sink. The Vessel type is 13.5" diameter and is meant for above counter use.

For larger pictures, click on the thumbnails below.

Standard self-rimming stoneware basins: 15.5 inches outside diameter
Med Blue - With Landscape MuralDark Blue - Std. sizeMatt Green, Matt White tilesWhite Cobalt in WoodDark Matt Green, Green/Gray Tilesbefore installation
Small size self-rimming stoneware basin: 13 inches outside diameter
Small Red Sink
Vessel above-counter stoneware basins: 13.5 inches outside diameter

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